Kajirae Training: Section I

"For example, the prices of Earth girls have tended to improve in the past few years on Gor. Gorean men tend to enjoy teaching them their slavery. Too, once they have learned the meaning of their collar, they are extraordinarily delicious slave girls. Some authorities believe that Earth girls should be in a special category of slave. Other dispute this. I agree with those who dispute it, regarding Earth girls as only being women like other women. To be sure, there is a special spice and flavor in owning them."  (Fighting Slave of Gor, page 163)


What is a "kajira"?  Simply put... kajira is the Gorean word for 'slavegirl'.  You will see references to "  `la kajira!  " which means in translation "i am slave!"   The male equivalent to kajira in the Gorean language is "kajiri".   More than one slavegirl is referred to as "kajirae"... more than one slaveboy is referred to as "kajirus".

What are "the scrolls"?
You will often hear people refer to 'the scrolls of Gor'.... or simply to "the scrolls".  What they are speaking of is the books that John Norman wrote, referred to collectively as "The Books of Gor" or "The Chronicles of Gor" or, most often "The Scrolls".  These science fiction books written in the 1960s and 1970s are the basis for this Gorean world we speak of and begin by telling the story of Tarl Cabot who was brought from Earth to the world of Gor. There are 25 books in the series.  The Koroban Kavern's Slave Training web site will soon list all of the books titles with a brief description of each book.

What does it mean to "karta"?
The word "karta" is not found in any of the scrolls of Gor.  Instead, the word is used on mIRC to mean "kneel and beg entrance".  When a slave is asked to karta, the slave is being told to kneel to the entrance of a home (an IRC #channel) and lie to the floor, prostrating their body forward, their arms lying before them with their wrists turned upward, their forehead or cheek of their face should lie to the floor.  Once this position is taken, the slave should then respectfully beg entrance to the home by saying something to the effect of  "this slave humbly begs entrance to this home, please" or "may a girl (or boy) please enter?" and wait for one of the members of the home, or another Free person who is visiting, to allow entrance.  The closest position in the scrolls to 'karta' is obeisance, as noted below in (Mercenaries of Gor, pgs. 409-410)

"There are many ways to perform obeisance. "I said.
"I am a free woman," she said, " I know none of them."
"I shall instruct you briefly in three," I said. " First kneel before me, back on your heels, yes, with your knees wide, wider, your hands on your thighs, your back straight, your breasts out, good, your belly in, good, and now lower your head in deference, in submission."
When you have been allowed entrance to a Home or mIRC channel... what does a slave next do?
Once you have been granted entrance to a home, if the Free person did not tell you to approach them or "come to my furs", then it is expected in most homes that a slave will rise and move immediately to "the slave furs".

What are slave furs?
The slaves of a home when they are not serving someone or being asked to kneel next to a Free person (which also is a form of service), are to kneel on the floor of the home at the 'slave furs'.  This is a gathering of furs laid to the floor where the slaves await being called to serve.  When entering a Gorean home, slaves move immediately to kneel on the furs and kneel in the nadu position if they are pleasure slaves or not in training, or the tower position if they are a slave in training or a 'white silk' slave.

A slave on mIRC is expected to speak in 3rd person when referring to herself.

"Who!" she demanded. "I did," I cried. "I did!"
"Speak as a slave!" demanded Ute.
"El-in-or betrayed Ute!' I cried. "El-in-or betrayed Ute!'
Captive of Gor, pg. 287

"Do you repent of the error of your ways?" I asked. "Yes, Master," she said. "Who repents of the error of her ways?" I asked. "Tafa repents of the error of her ways!" she said. "Who is sorry, who begs forgiveness?" I asked. "Tafa is sorry! Tafa begs forgiveness!" she said.
Magicians of Gor, pg. 123

Once you have entered a Gorean channel, you should no longer refer to yourself as "I" or "me".  Instead, refer to yourself always in the third person which shows your deference to all the Free present.  Even among slaves by themselves, it is often common that girls refer to themselves in third person.  If you normally would want to say "may I get that for You, please?"... in a Gorean channel, you would change your words to read "may a girl get that for You, please?"  You will also see slaves refer to themselves as objects... i.e., "this little beast" or "lil one" or perhaps "wench" or "slut". All are used in third person to help the slave speak of her or himself.

Greeting the Free People and slaves of a home

"Slave girls on Gor address all free men as Master, all free women as Mistress." (Hunters of Gor, page 65)
Once a slave has knelt to the furs, the next step is to greet the Free People present.  While different channels have different rules, a good rule to follow is to:
1.  Greet the Free Person (Master or Mistress) who allowed you to enter first and then... Greet the Free Men of the channel by addressing them as "Master".  If is best if you can greet each Free Person individually. In example, if you entered a channel and there were three men in channel you would greet them as follows:
Greetings, Master Abraham
Greetings, Master Benjamin
Greetings, Master Christopher

3. If you cannot tell if a nickname is a man or a woman's name and you have looked at the person's whois (type /whois ) then it is accepted that a slave addresses a Free Person as Master.  In example, if you enter a room and there is a Free Person by the name of Rollo present, you check the whois of Rollo and it only says "Gorean", you would then greet that Free Person by saying "Greetings, Master Rollo".  If the Free Person is a Mistress, She may or may not correct you.  If she does correct you, simply state respectfully that you will remember her name in the future and thank Her for the information.

*NOTE:  If a Free Man or Free Woman is from Torvaldsland, the Northern region of Gor, they are to be addressed as "Jarl" for the Free Men and "Lady" for the Free Women and not "Master" or "Mistress".

4.  Next a slave is to greet the other slaves present.  If there are more than five slaves in a channel, it is generally accepted that you are allowed to greet the slaves together, either by individual names (i.e., "greetings dina, alyssa{D}, cassia, jana, aphris{MT}, vella") or by group (i.e., "greetings sisters").

5.  As Free arrive in the home after you, always greet them immediately with "greetings, Master ".  If a slave enters after you, wait for the slave to be granted permission to enter before you greet the slave with "greetings, ".

When you grow in learning about Gorean channel customs, we will discuss the further order of greeting many channels have in place.  As you begin to enter channels as a newcomer, the rules above will serve you well.  Always remember to be respectful to all Free Persons and, if you make a mistake, simply beg their mercy without any long explanations.

Can slaves serve whoever they want?
No!  As slaves we must be pleasing to All the Free and not show any disrespect whether or not we like one person more than another.  A Gorean slave is not to judge the Free in any way, therefore, even our preference of one Free Man or Woman over another in a room, would indicate we are judgemental and having behaviour that is not slavelike.  To avoid this happening, serve everyone respectfuly with a joyous heart and smile, remembering that as a slave your first priority is to be obedient and pleasing.

When a Master or Mistress calls this one to them, what should be done?
If you are kneeling on the slave furs, you rise and cross to the person who called you, kneeling to the edge of their furs.  If you are a white silk, you will receive training in how to kneel tower.  If you are trained beyond white silk, you may kneel in nadu.  These positions are described in detail in the Koroban Kaverns Slave Training Positions materials and should be reviewed again and again until you, as slave, feel completely comfortable with performing the positions.

Someone has asked for 'paga' and this one doesn't know what to do?
Luckily, the sister and brotherhood of slaves is vast.  We all - at one time or another - forget something we have learned, forget what cup or goblet is served with what drink or how to prepare something a Free Person has asked us for.  Don't panic!  You have the ability to PM a sister of the home and ask for help.   We have all done it, it is part of the learning process of a new slave.  Sisters who have more experience are very happy to help and honored that you called upon them to lend a hand.  If there is no other slave available to ask for help, a new slave is usually allowed to ask to PM a channel  Op (@) and ask them privately for their advice or help.

What is the "servery"? And why do some channels/homes have a "servery" and some a "kitchen"?
Just as the word 'karta' is an expression heard only on mIRC and not written in the Gor books, so is the word "servery".  Remember that the books of Gor were written by English author, John Norman (real name John Lange), where - in England - a family kitchen is often referred to as the 'servery'.  While the word kitchen is used throughout the scrolls, no doubt the word servery came about by fellow Englishmen calling mIRC slaves to get them a drink.  On IRC, the 'servery' is simply another word for a Gorean kitchen.   When you hear someone go into the "Cold Room" of the 'servery'... they are simply referring to moving into a small room that has been kept cold with ice for storage of meats, fruits and cold drink.  There was no refrigeration in the Gor scrolls other than cold storage rooms.

How does one request permission to leave the channel or Gorean home?
Just as you requested entry to the home, you must also beg to leave. While this does not require any form of position, it does require that you ask respectfully if you may leave and then await permission being given before departing.

An example follows:
"may this girl please be allowed to leave now?"

A member of the Free then grants you permission and now you must wish the Free well before leaving.  Again, it is always best to name each Free Person individually if possible.

When leaving a room, you never *tell* a Free Person what to do, you, instead, wish them well.  So rather than saying "Have a great day!", you say "this girl wishes You well, Master Abraham" or "a girl wishes You a wonderful day, Mistress Aphris".

Again, after all of the Free have been wished well, you then say a farewell to your sisters and/or brothers.  Just as when you entered, if there are five or more present, you are usually allowed to say farewell to all in a group "this one wishes you a great day, sisters" or something to that effect.

A final note:

Ko-lar versus Collar
Many on mIRC will use the word 'ko-lar' to replace the word 'collar', however, as shown in the scrolls, "Ko-lar" was merely the phonetical pronounciation and not the word's spelling.  Nevertheless, both are accepted on mIRC and often you will see someone refer to their "kolaring ceremony" or say they have received "a new ko-lar".

"Ko-lar," she said, indicating her collar.
"It is the same word in English," I cried.
..... 'Collar!' I said.
Eta frowned. 'Ko - lar,' she repeated, again indicating the neck band of steel fashioned on her throat.
'Ko - lar,' I said, carefully following her pronunciation. Eta accepted this."
Slave Girl of Gor, pages 80 - 81