"it is the duty of a slave girl to be fully and completely pleasing to men. Were she not so she would be subject to severe punishment, including even torture and death, should it be the master's wish..{Slave Girl of Gor}

Some Punishable Acts/Misdeeds

donning the robes of a Free Woman:
I wondered what these men would do with me if they discovered I was not even a free woman. I forced the thought from my mind. Free men do not take it lightly that a Kajira would dare to don the garments of a free woman. This is regarded as an extremely serious offense, fit to be followed by terrible punishments. It can be worth the life of one to do so. I began to tremble. {Slave Girl of Gor}

The slave girl moves, and carries herself, differently from a free woman. This is evident in such small things as fetching a cup for her master or in pouring his wine. These movements, and bodily attitudes and postures, subtle and beautiful, difficult to fully disguise, have betrayed more than one slave beauty who, disguised as a free woman, has sought to flee a city. The spears of guards, lowered, to her dismay, suddenly block her way. "Where are you going, Slave?" they ask. She is then knelt and stripped, her collar and brand revealed. Returned to her master, she may be confident that her punishment will not be light. {Explorers of Gor}

often noted as being punished by the whip (Fighting Slave of Gor)

Too, slave girls seldom lie, for the punishments connected with lying can be extremely severe. A girl may be thrown alive to sleen for having lied.

runaway slaves:
The punishment of a runaway slave is often grievous, sometimes culminating in death. He would do no more to Elizabeth Cardwell than was commonly done to female slaves among the wagons, even those who had never dared to speak back or disobey in the least particular. Elizabeth, in her way, was fortunate. As Kamchak might have said, he was permitting her to live. I did not think she would be tempted to run away again. {Nomads of Gor}

She had run away. Marlenus, with two huntsmen, had taken her within the Ahn. Marlenus, who had hunted in the forests since his boyhood, was a master of woodcraft. She had been unable to elude him. Dazed, shocked, she had been swiftly caught and returned to camp. Marlenus had then handed her over to a huntsman. She had been stripped and, hands tied over her head to a post, had been given ten lashes. Marlenus, and most of those about the camp, had not bothered to watch. It was simply a slave girl being punished. The punishment was so light because it was the first time the girl had attempted to run away. {Captive of Gor}

I did not know at that time what was commonly done to a girl who has attempted to escape, and has been recaptured. It is just as well. Much depends on the master but, commonly, the first time she is recaptured, she is treated with great lenience, as being only a foolish girl. Commonly, she is only tied and lashed. Should she attempt escape a second time, and be recaptured, she is commonly hamstrung, the tendons behind the knees being severed. Almost no girls attempt escape a second time. {Slave Girl of Gor}

thievery: ear notching and mutilation were common punishment on Gor for thieves (Hunters of Gor);

Actual Punishments (named)

having the slave's hair shorn

'kneel to the whip':
Melpomene then, sobbing, knelt, her legs close together, her wrists held crossed under her, as though bound, her head down, touching the floor, the bow of her back exposed, a slave girl awaiting punishment. {Fighting Slave of Gor}

'put to the oar':
In this punishment, the girl, clothed or unclothed, is bound tightly on an oar, hands behind her, her head down, toward the blade. When the oar lifts from the water she gasps for breath, only in another moment to be submerged again. A recalcitrant girl may be kept on the oar for hours. There is also, however, some danger in this, for sea sleen and the white sharks of the north occasionally attempt to tear such a girl from the oar. When food is low it is not unknown for the men of Torvaldsland to use a bond-maid, if one is avail-able on the ship, for bait in such a manner. The least pleasing girl is always used. This practice, of course, encourages bond-maids to vie vigorously to please their masters. {Marauders of Gor}

Possible Articles Used for Slave Punishment

bastinado: a punishment not otherwise described, however the earth translation is a beating, especially with a stick or cudgel. The beating may be specifically to the soles of the feet.

bosk whip: a light, one-bladed bosk whip, little more than a switch of leather; used sometimes on slaves as an inticement to do better (Slave Girl of Gor)

dung sack: used to contain bosk (or any) dung after it has been raked up or collected; also employed as a punishment.

punishment/penalty brand: a small 1/4 inch brands that mark a convicted liar, thief, traitor etc. (Captive of Gor)

kurt: a short five bladed slave whip often used in punishing a slave; leather whip (Slave Girl of Gor)

slave bells: slave bells can be used for simple adornment or for their beauty but in some societies slaves are not often belled and it is noted that such slaves are sometimes belled so their Masters may keep them within 'hearing' distance so as to make sure they do not run off or perhaps sneak upon them, for distrust in the slave (Nomads of Gor)

slave box, punishment: small square (3x3') iron box with a door having a viewing aperture of 7 inches x1/2 inches in the middle and a pass-through of 12x2 inches at the base; a punishment device for slaves; as a punishment this is a space very confined where the slave may be kept for hours or days to contimplate her misbehavior/misdeeds, a slave often rethinks her actions and corrects them for fear of being placed back in the slave box (Captive of Gor, pages 313-314)

slave rings: a heavy iron ring c. 1' in diameter to which a slave may be secured for security discipline or any other reason; often found in floors interior & exterior walls (either 1' or 3' above the ground) attached to the foot of a master's sleeping couch, etc. (Priest-Kings of Gor, page 48)

slave hood: a leather hood having no opening for eyes mouth or ears which covers a slave's entire head; usually has a gag attachment. (Slave Girl of Gor, page 146)

Quotes of Possible Interest

"Let it be as Red Hair suggests," said the Forkbeard. He then looked at the thrall. "Run to the whipping post" he said. "Beg the first free rnan who passes to beat you."
Yes, myJarl," he said.
He would be stripped and bound, wrists over his head, to the post at the bosk shed.
"Fifty strokes," said the Forkbeard.
"Yes, my Jarl," said the young man.
"The lash," said the Forkbeard, "will be the snake."
His punishment would be heavy indeed. The snake is a single-bladed whip, weighted, of braided leather, eight feet long and about a half an inch to an inch thick. It is capable of lifting the flesh from a man
back. Sometimes it is set with tiny particles of metal. It was not impossible that he would die under its blows. The snake is to be distinguished from the much more common Gorean slave whip, with its five broad striking surfaces. {Marauders of Gor}

"Let slaves, with switches, teach her," I said.
"I will," said Samos. There was no swifter way for an Earth girl to learn Gorean, providing that candies and pastries, and little favors, like a blanket in the pen, were mixed in. Learning was closely associated, even immediately, with reward and, punishment. {Tribesmen of Gor}

Sometimes punishment is much more effective when a girl must wait for it. Generally a girl is not whipped before another girl who is owned by the same master. They only know, when the door is closed, that their sister in bondage is to be whipped. That is enough for them. {Slave Girl of Gor}

In leaving the tavern the disguised slave girl, to cover her retreat, placed a discipline sign on the alcove occupied by the helpless free woman. It read "Take me, Masters." Sometimes a girl, as a punishment, is placed helplessly in an alcove, free for the use of all. Several of the men, patrons of the tavern, willing to oblige the tavern proprietor, entered the alcove and, untying her ankles, well used the helpless free woman, they in the darkness not knowing the loftiness of her condition. {Slave Girl of Gor}

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